Faculty Guest Blog: The Global Integration of Business

As noted by Tom Friedman in his book, “The World Is Flat,” the emergence of a technology-enabled, connected world has helped to transform the world economy. Businesses can now leverage talent and resources from more parts of the world to serve global markets.

This development is driving unprecedented levels of business integration across country borders. Markets (not just for products but also for labor and capital), industry supply chains, value chains within businesses, and competition between businesses, are all becoming more international.

Students who want to pursue careers in business today need to understand the forces that drive internationalization, and be able to analyze the business environment at home and overseas. Students also should be ready to work with people across country divides and processes. 

It’s important that students choose a business school that provides this context with global business coursework, project work with classmates from other countries, and study abroad experiences. These components will prepare them with the versatility, skills, and knowledge needed to excel in this increasingly integrated marketplace.

Murali Chari is an associate professor of management and the academic director of international relations at the Rensselaer Lally School of Management.